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  1. Organizations are growing and lack the expertise and scale to help them expand domestically and internationally.
  2. International organizations are looking for cost effective strategies to expand into the U.S. market.
  3. Bad hires result in decreased productivity, cultural imbalance, negative reputation, and financial impact
  4. BDRs and ISRs lack experience and often require 12+ months of training to become fully effective
  5. BDRs need to strategize, research, write copy, conduct cold outreach and qualify. They lack specialization and are good at some tasks but not great at all requirements.
  6. Hiring, training, managing and retaining employees is expensive. The cost of hiring a new employee is up to 20% of their starting salary.

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In our portfolio you can find out how we supported different industries in their growth and customer experience


Appointment Setting & Customer Engagement for a venture backed B2B health technology company After recent venture funding, a leader in remote patient monitoring needed to scale business development and reduce...


Business Development and analysis for venture backed chatbot SaaS company A global chatbot company with more than 400,000 customers needed to test product market fit for a new offering...


Cold Calling and outreach for industry leading QR code company The largest QR code provider built a companion product that organizes your digital footprint in one mobile-first landing page, creating...


Lead Generation for financial SaaS company following industry trade show A leading cloud-based payments infrastructure provider for the insurance industry became a partner of a large industry...
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