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Why Should You Hire an Outsourced SDR Team?

Why Should You Hire an Outsourced Appointment setter?

Improve your outcomes. An outsourced lead-generation department can bring up to 43% better results than an in-house one.

Sales Development Representatives turnover is 34.7% in the US. High turnover rates can lead to loss of valuable knowledge and experience, a lack of confidence in the team’s capacity to perform, and a potential lost revenue from missed deals.

Reduce your expenses significantly. With overhead and managerial costs, the average internal SDR costs $10,930 a month. Due to efficiency, the cost of an outsourced Sales Development team starts at only $2500 per month.

Get qualified leads and real results. Outsourcing to experts that are properly trained and well equipped will ensure that the leads you receive are real opportunities.

Our Process

Pick Target Accounts

Find Prospects

Do Research

Qualify Pains

Execute Outreach

Design Your Cadence

Port Group Customer Experience Agency

The Port Group team is made up of experienced B2B sales development representatives (SDR’s), marketing specialists, and copywriters.

With over 10 years of combined experience in B2B lead generation services our team can handle every aspect of our clients needs, from building targeted sales leads, B2B appointment setting with qualified leads, to writing effective cold email that increases the number of prospects and sales generated.

We believe in helping businesses find and connect with customers. Our primary objective is to make our clients successful resulting in growth and success for both organizations and lasting relationships.

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